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More than 150 licenses for gambling business were issued in Ukraine

Since February, the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL) has issued 151 licenses out of 257 applications filed by the organizers. 106 applications were rejected. In Ukraine, 37 different gambling establishments are expected to open in 17 cities.

This is reported by Opendatabot and tumbleweed-news.com

Currently, 257 applications have been submitted for licenses for various types of gambling business (casinos, online casinos, gambling halls, bookmakers, internet poker, gambling services), as well as for gaming tables and slot machines. Of these, 151 were approved and 106 were rejected.

Casinos are opening at five-star hotels in cities with high tourist potential. The leader in the number of establishments is Kiev, where it is planned to open 12 gaming points. The list of cities with the largest number of gambling establishments also includes Kharkiv (5), Lviv (3) and Odessa (3).

A record number of licenses for gambling equipment belongs to the casino in the Odessa hotel "Gagarinn", which plans to supply more than 300 slot machines and gambling tables. In other cities, the numbers differ significantly - usually large casinos have licenses for no more than 50-70 pieces of equipment.

The cost of licenses. To open a casino in Kiev, you need to purchase a license worth UAH 360 million (about $ 13 million), which is issued for 5 years. In other cities, the same license will cost UAH 180 million ($ 6.5 million). In addition, the casino will have to pay annually for each gambling table from UAH 540,000 to 1,050,000, as well as UAH 36,000 for each slot machine.

A slot machine license - now the most popular - costs UAH 45 million ($ 1.6 million). Just like in a casino, you also have to pay annually for each slot machine.

Casinos and slot machine halls often buy licenses for betting activities. Permission to open a bookmaker's office costs UAH 180 million ($ 6.5 million). And the opening of each bookmaker's office is 180,000 UAH annually.

An online casino license will cost UAH 39 million ($ 1.4 million).

As of today, Ukraine has already issued licenses for:

It is noteworthy that licenses for opening a gambling establishment are actually issued twice - they are bought by both hotels and companies organizing games in these hotels. Therefore, the same address usually appears in several licenses with different owners.