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Swing your shoulders at home

Many men want to have wide shoulders. But for this you need to work. Of course, some of the male representatives, the shoulders are wide from nature itself and they did not have to do anything to have an excellent figure. Well, and those whom Nature has somewhat lifted with broad shoulders, you need to sweat.

To enlarge the shoulders, you need to go to the gym, you can tell you and will only be right. Having filled into the gym and paying a certain amount for his classes, you will be able to engage in a variety of simulators, which in principle is impossible at home. Plus, you will be much more intense in the gym in the gym than at home, since you paid for classes and now squeeze the maximum. And for all other things, you will simply be inconvenient in the gym, when everything around the leather is climb, in pursuit of the desired result.

At home, get such a result as in the gym, in principle it is impossible. First, you do not have any necessary fixtures at hand. Secondly, at home you can interfere with banal laziness. But, if you still decided to make your shoulders closely, putting a clear goal, even at home you can achieve very good results.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that there is a certain difference between mass and relief, and they are pumped differently. For muscle relief, small weight and exercises are made multiple times. For mass, heavy weight is used with a small amount of exercise, but with several repetitions after a while.

Now let's talk about the exercises. First you need dumbbells. What weight they will solve you. Depending on what result you want to get.

There are several basic exercises for shoulders. Before starting training, you need to warm up the muscles. To do this, follow the following exercises: Mahi hands on the sides, circular rotation of the hands. After that, you can go to the main exercises.

In the first exercise, it is necessary to stand smoothly and breed on the sides of the hand with dumbbells. Hands keep smoothly, not bend.

In the second exercise, it is necessary to lean forward, about 20 degrees. Hands with dumbbells bend in elbows. Back to keep smoothly and raising hands up. When the hands are at the bottom, the dumbbells must come into contact with each other.

In the third exercise, you become smooth and raise your hands forward to the eye level. Then omit.

It can be said that there is still an exercise that favorably affects the pumping of the shoulder muscles is imitation of swimming with dumbbells. Take the dumbbells and make such movements as if you are floating forward. At the same time, one can be content with different swimming styles.

These are the main exercises that can be safely performed at home. You can also take advantage of other handicrafts. For example, on the street - the horizontal bar and bars. These simple sports shells turn out to be very effective when pumping almost any muscles of the body.

The main thing in this is all - this desire and slightly smelts. Then, even without visiting the gym, you can achieve good results. Looking for wife in Ukraine? Best Ukrainian single dating website on https://sweetydate.com find your love online! Free Credits for chat.