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Services to help you build an attractive resume and impress employers

How do employers and job seekers meet for the first time? The answer is simple through the resume. That's why already at this stage of the job search you have to stand out from the competition.

A resource that will help you

careerperfect.com is a free service for creating resumes. One of its main advantages is the elegant miniaturization of templates, simplicity, and the interface in different languages. To create your resume, you must complete the registration procedure. In general, the system allows you to start working on your CV and without registration, but to save it still would need to go through this function.

After registration, the user will have access to the typical resume builder. All that needs to be done just fill in the usual blocks: general informations of working, qualification, interests and tips. If you want to tell any additional data of yourself to the employer (for example, their personal qualities and professional), you can do it easily service allows you to add at least some other block on your request. Another of the advantages you can swap the blocks, arranging the emphasis as you wish.

After you fill out all the necessary data, you can save your resume by selecting one of the 6 templates (different font and layout of the information on the page). You can save and download your resume in PDF, HTML, and txt formats.

This service offers users to create a so-called talent map. So, all your skills, abilities, work experience will be presented in graphs, charts and numbers (for example, one of the charts where the person worked the most). To create a resume, the service offers to import information about yourself from LinkedIn or Facebook, but immediately warns that the import function in the state of testing. You should be prepared for the fact that you will need to edit, add or delete some information.

If you don't want to import anything, you can make a CV from scratch. To do that you need to fill in a block with personal information (full name, contacts, desired salary level and a short description of yourself), information about education (both formal and informal), about your experience. You can also add your portfolio.

The system also offers you to create a so-called skills map. It's a chart showing your level of foreign languages, programming languages, 1C, as well as personal qualities (for example, stress resistance, teamwork, decency, teachability, etc.). At the same time, you must give yourself an assessment of all of this by giving yourself one to five stars.

We also want to draw your attention to the excellent service, which will be a good competitor to the previous one, it is the service https://resumegets.com/. By the way, in addition to all available methods of making resumes the service has its own advantages. So the "feature" of the service is the author's test to identify the value type. According to the results of the test the employer knows whether you are an ideologue, an emotionalist, a materialist and a vitalist. And, conveniently, at each stage of writing a resume you can see what you get. You can save and print your resume in PDF format.