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Oxymetholone injection course

The use of injectable oxymetholone is considered effective in strength and mass-gaining courses. It is a non-aromatizing steroid, however, it has the same side effects as estrogenic, including water retention, which excludes the possibility of effective use in drying.

The course of  OXYMETHOLONE INJECTION  is safely continued for 4-6 whole weeks. Longer, as a rule, they do not use it due to increased side effects that can annihilate positive effects. It is important to understand that the optimal duration of injections, like the dosage, is selected by the athlete individually, otherwise it may be insufficient or, conversely, excessive.

The average recommended dose of oxymetholone injections is 50-100 mg per day. But in accordance with the sensitivity and tolerance of the substance by the body, amounts of up to 200 mg per day are allowed, which are enough even for experienced athletes to achieve pronounced results of an increase in strength and mass.

For maximum progress for sports purposes, the course of injectable oxymetholone is combined, which is preferable to abuse. “Oxy” is harmlessly and effectively combined with analogs of various properties, - from oxandrolone to testosterone enanthate, depending on the tasks, experience and preferences of the user. Having studied the options for combined courses, everyone will be able to choose a working bundle of steroids for themselves, but it is important to remember the precautions.

So, in a severe course, to enhance libido, it may be necessary to take Proviron (mesterolone), to restore testosterone synthesis - the introduction of Horagon (hCG), and upon completion of steroid injections, post-cycle therapy with tamoxifen or clomiphene citrate (antiestrogenic substances, - blockers of estrogen receptors, with the ability , increase testosterone production).